Listen to the Radio

I have to admit that I spend most of my radio listening time streaming WWOZ out of New Orleans. WWOZ is a national treasure with the most diverse music programming of any radio station in this or any universe. The djs are extremely knowledgable and passionate about their particular music gendres that they share with the world. By the way the djs are all volunteers and for the most part have been doing their radio programs for many years. They are the true guardians of the groove preserving the traditions of jazz, traditional jazz, r&b, rock and roll, soul, tradtional blues, electric blues, funk, zydeco and cajun, traditional Irish, afro Cuban Brazilian, world etc. WWOZ is the nation’s “Guardian of the Groove”.

The Bay area radio waves are blessed with station like

KCSM 91.1 Without a doubt the preeminent 24 hour Jazz radio station in the world.

KPOO 89.5 Community Radio

KUSF 90.3 A Great College Radio Station

KPIG 107.5 A great freeform Radio Treasure

The Bay area radio programs I like listening to are the following stations

KALW 91.7


9-11pm Fog City Blues Hosted by Devon Strolovitch I try to catch Devon’s show. Its really fun


9-11pm African Mix Hosted by Emmanuel Nado and Edwin Okongo I like the mix of modern and traditional programming. This is a wonderful listening. African Mix


3-5pm Folk Music and Beyond Hosted by Joann Mar and Bob Campbell. I also like the mix of old and new upcoming artists and music Joann and Bob play.

5-6:30 A Patchwork Quilt Hosted by Kevin Vance. Kevin’s show is always enlightening

6:30-8:30 pm Bluegrass Signal Hosted by Peter Thompson. Great bluegrass show

KPFA 94.1 FM


8-10pm Bebop Cubop And The Musical Truth Hosted by Avoctja


8-10pm Dead To The World Host David Gans . Keeping the spirit and music of the Grateful Dead alive


8-10pm The Bonnie Simmons Show Bonnie is a bay area icon and treasure. I try to listen to her show every week.

10pm-12 The Hear and Now Derk Richardson. Derk’s show is the most unique and hip program on radio.


6am-9am The Gospel Experience Hosted by Emmitt Powell . I make it a point to listen to at least an hour of Emmits show every week. On Saturday I got to hear Aretha Franklin sing a live version of Amazing Grace and a some Al Green singing Gospel.

11 am-2pm Blues By The Bay Hosted by Tom Mazzolini. Tom is a bay area treasure and I make it a point to listen to his show every Saturday.


11am-1pm Across The Great Divide Divide Hosted by Kevin Vance

1PM-3PM Americas Back 40 Hosted by Mary Tilson

3pm-5pm Panhandle Country hosted by Tom Diamont

3pm-5pm Pig In A Pen hosted by Ray Edlund

Let me know what you are listening to.